Neurosciences Mini Symposium 2019



Title: The University of Toledo Neurosciences Mini Symposium
Summary: Drug discovery for many fields has stagnated, with myriad clinical trail failures of promising leads, consuming academic and industry resources. This mini symposium brings together stakeholders who are developing novel approaches to identifying new therapies.
Date: 4/19/2019
Presenters: Dr. Jarek Meller, Dr. Charles Brunicardi, Dr. Isaac Schiefer, Dr. Rammohan Shukla, James Reigle, Khaled Alganem



Title: Discovering Drugs for Casual Pathways Associated with Major Depressive Disorder Through Human Brain Connectivity Map
Presenter: Dr. Rammohan Shukla


Title: Signature Connectivity Analyses with iLINCS
Presenter: Dr. Jarek Meller


Title: Sig2Lead: Connectivity-Enhanced Structure Activity Relationship Analysis for Lead Compound Identification
Presenter: James Reigle


Title: Priming the Pump for Academic Drug Discovery: Meth, Black Lights and Ghostly Zebrafish
Presenter: Dr. Isaac Schiefer


Title: Use of Target Superpromoters for Drug Discover
Presenter: Dr. Charles Brunicardi


Khaled Alganem
Graduate Research Assistant